About Us

We are web enthusiasts who likes to promote Camotes Islands. As our grandmother, a Camotesian, told us Camotes Islands has been so tiny in landscape compared to other continents. Our place was still discovered on the map, thanks to Google.

Our Story
Our Story

How did we
get here?

Our grandparents are Camotesians, and my grandma was a popular teacher. The schools were very young and an educated generation.

We love our grandparents and taught us how to be good citizens and enjoyed our teenage years. Climbing trees, active in swimming and a lot of fun. Spending time in the province for a month and back to Cebu was quite an experience. Riding a boat was quite an adventure than right now. Our grandparents taught us that good experience is the best teacher.

“being on the outdoors is a lot of fun”


We appreciate connecting with us.